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Risks of Property Flooding After a Fire

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out a fire in a house Firefighters use specialized hoses which unleash hundreds of gallons of water on a house.

Property Flooding Risks Following a Fire

The FEMA NFIP, or national flood insurance program, is one way the federal government hopes to protect homeowners against flood damage, especially through unexpected circumstances, such as fire floods. According to flood damage restoration services in Florence, KY, flooding after a fire is more common than many homeowners think.

1. Suppression and Rescue System Flooding Damage
Most flooding actually occurs during rescue efforts. Firefighters use specialized hoses which unleash hundreds of gallons of water on a house every minute. While the water is effective for subduing and smothering flames, it will not all evaporate in the heat.
Additionally, if your house is outfitted with a sprinkler system, it too can lead to flooding. Most sprinkler systems do not work selectively, meaning when it goes off, it goes off everywhere in the house or structure.

2. Storm Flooding
The FEMA NFIP can also protect against other possible floods after a fire, including those brought about by storm surges. Additionally, when your home experiences fire damage, it might have several holes through the exterior walls or the roof. Rain can access these points, resulting in flooding.

3. Damaged Infrastructure Flooding
Unless you live in certain areas, you might not consider the relationship between wildfire damage and flooding. Again, rescue efforts can result in flooding and water damage. However, wildfire can also damage critical infrastructure, such as water towers or city sewers, resulting in flooding in residential areas.

4. Damaged Plumbing
It is also possible that the heat from the house fire melts or damages plumbing within the household. The damage can affect supply lines, which can lead to extensive flooding in the property if the supply is not shut down externally.
The FEMA NFIP program is a valuable tool for families with flood zones. Still, it is necessary to understand that not all flooding stems from storm systems or fractured infrastructure.

3 Safety Tips for Wet Light Fixtures

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

water coming out a light fixture A leaky pipe or roof can introduce water to light fixtures.

Tips for Wet Light Fixtures

A leaky pipe or roof can introduce water to light fixtures. The presence of moisture in close proximity to electrical lighting raises the risk of electric shock at a residence in Park Hills, KY. It is important that homeowners and occupants are aware of water in light risks and take safety precautions leading up to water damage restoration.

1. Turn Off the Power

Electrical lighting and water do not mix. It is critical to shut off the flow of electricity to reduce electrocution risks. Never attempt to use a light switch. Even after the power is off, it is advisable to use a non-contact voltage tester on a dry electrical source to ensure no electricity is flowing through lines prior to any attempt to deal with ceiling damage.

2. Shut Off the Water If Necessary

If the water in light originates from a broken or leaking supply line, it will also be beneficial to shut off the water supply. While this measure will not eliminate water that has already been collected above the ceiling or in a fixture, it can prevent more water from taking the same course.

3. Contact Restoration Experts

A ceiling that has become swollen with water and flooded light fixtures pose serious safety and restoration challenges. Homeowners should schedule an inspection with certified water damage restoration professionals. These experts can take measures to minimize the risk of structural damage or ceiling collapse and try to limit water damage to a home interior.

The potential for electrical shock to occur at any point in a circuit is one of the primary water-in-light dangers. A risk is posed when interacting with a light switch in a household in Park Hills, KY, let alone attempting to directly address the ceiling leak or flooded fixture. Homeowners should shut off the power or contact the electrical company before contacting trained restoration professionals.

Understanding Commercial Generators

6/4/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial generator Make sure that you pick out the right generator for your business needs and budget

Three Things To Know About Commercial Generators

As a business owner in Crescent Springs, KY, it is important for you to understand how your commercial generators work, from learning how long they will last to knowing what to do if they break down. You will be thankful when and if a storm wipes out your building’s power and causes a potentially dangerous situation. Here are three things to know about your generator equipment.

1. Generators last through many uses. Typical models will work for about 3,000 hours, meaning that a typical standby option could last for more than 30 years. Contact the manufacturer of your unit for more specific information on its expected lifespan.

2. All generators are not the same. Some run on diesel, while others are fueled by natural gas. There are also prime, standby, portable and stationary models. Since there are all of these features and more that you must consider before making a purchase, make sure that you pick out the right generator for your business needs and budget.

3. Generator problems need to be considered. Even the best piece of equipment can malfunction. In the event of a broken unit, you must be prepared for flooding and other destruction that can take place, especially if bad weather is occurring. If something does happen to your business, a local commercial storm damage restoration company should be called as soon as the weather dies down so you can begin taking care of your damaged or wet property and belongings.

A responsible business owner should be aware of and understand all of the equipment that the company uses to keep things running smoothly. A generator should be no exception, even if it is just a portable model that is used sparingly. Stay in contact with your local repair shops, cleanup crews and other trusted professionals in Crescent Springs, KY, that can help when storms or other disasters threaten your property.

4 Important Facts About Nor'easter Storms

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

Flash light, sleeping bag, bottled water, first aid, portable radio, matches, medicine, band aids, whistle, blanket. All households should have an emergency preparedness kit for weather emergencies.

Nor'easter Facts

A Nor’easter is a powerful, low-pressure storm system that impacts the northeastern United States. These storms are responsible for some of the most remarkable snowfalls in American history, such as the 1888 Blizzard, the 1978 Blizzard and the 1993 Blizzard.
People located in Park Hills, KY, should prepare for severe weather by watching the news, having an emergency preparedness kit and knowing the following Nor’easter facts.

1. How and Where They Form
Limited to the eastern United States, these events typically originate near the coast of Georgia and New Jersey. Cities such as Boston, New York City, and Washington D.C. are particularly vulnerable due to their locations.
When warm Gulf Stream air mixes with cold air traveling down from Canada, it creates an unstable weather pattern. As the storm strengthens, it moves up the east coast with increasing intensity.

2. The Two Classification Categories: Miller Type A and Miller Type B
In 1946, scientist J.E. Miller began to classify the weather events as either Type A or Type B. The main difference between the types is where the systems develop. Type A versions are the most common and originate in the Gulf of Mexico, while the rarer Type B events form in the Midwest and travel east.

3. What to Expect: Snow, Flooding and More
A Nor’easter can cause blizzards, excess water and high winds. Storm season typically runs from early fall through spring.
During a storm, power outages, transportation delays and flight cancellations should be expected. If your home sustains damage, a severe weather remediation specialist can help you get back on track.

4. How To Prepare
All households should have an emergency preparedness kit for weather emergencies. It should include extra water, canned food, a flashlight, a battery-operated radio and blankets. Travel should be avoided, if possible, until the threat subsides.
A Nor’easter can cause power outages and travel disruptions. However, with preparedness and weather monitoring, they can be safely endured.

4 Causes of Noisy Pipes and When You Should Worry

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe burst, pipe leaking You have the information you need to prevent a pipe break.

Prevent a Pipe Break

Noisy pipes are a nuisance. There are many reasons your plumbing system may be making a racket. In addition to causing you to lose sleep, they can be an indication that something is going awry in your walls. Make sure you know the cause in order to prevent a pipe break.

1. Water Hammer

"Water hammer" is the term used to describe the phenomenon that occurs when your pipes have a fast-closing valve. This presents itself as a loud banging noise. There are several causes of water hammer, including:

  • Water in air chambers
  • High water pressure
  • Hard-working appliances
  • Loose pipes

While this is a common issue, it is one that needs to be addressed promptly. If not, this could cause excessive wear to your pipes. If you let a pipe break, you will have to:

  • Fix broken pipe
  • Repair parts
  • Address water damage

2. Obstructions and Narrowing

If the noise you're hearing is more of a whistling, this is common and probably due to narrowing or obstruction of your pipes. This can be due to mineral buildup in the plumbing system, causing higher pressure in the pipes. Again, this can lead to a pipe burst if unresolved.

3. Cold Weather

In the colder months, you may notice popping sounds during the dropping temperatures. This is likely due to thermal expansion. It depends on what material your pipes are made out of, but materials such as copper are intended to expand and contract depending on the level of heat. You'll likely be using hot water, and the freezing pipes will crackle when it runs through. This isn't too concerning unless you hear one giant pop.

4. Leaks

Usually following any of these noises above, you will notice a water leak. On the other hand, your first indication could be a dripping sound. In either instance, you should contact your local water damage remediation experts in Crescent Springs, KY. An unaddressed water leak can lead to larger issues.
Now you know the different sounds your pipes can make. You know the possible causes. You have the information you need to prevent a pipe break.

4 Steps To Stop Sewage From Backing Up Into a Bathtub

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Plumber unclogging a toilet with manual auger Insert a plumbing snake into a toilet.

Stop Contaminated Water From Backing Up Into a Bathtub

There are several steps you can take to stop contaminated water from backing up into a bathtub. Depending on your level of plumbing skill and the location and severity of a blockage, it may be possible to stop a sewer backup on your own. If your efforts are not successful, you should contact a plumber or sewage company in Erlanger, KY.

1. Block the Tub Drain

Blocking a tub drain will prevent sewage from backing up into the tub. Take this step prior to attempting to clear a clog.

2. Locate the Blockage

It may be more or less difficult to clear a clog depending on its location. Clogs in lines near a toilet can usually be cleared with a plunger or auger. If these attempts do not work, the sewer backup may be located further down the line.

3. Snake the Toilet, Floor Drain or Cleanout

Depending on the evident location of a blockage, you can insert a plumbing snake into a toilet, remove the toilet to directly snake out the floor drain, or snake the drain cleanout. The main drain is typically located in a basement or crawlspace. Use a long pipe wrench to remove the cap and insert the auger. Look out for sewage overflow.

4. Call a Plumber or Sewage Company

If these efforts are not successful, you should contact a plumber if you suspect the clog originates on the residential end or a sewage company for a backed-up municipal main. If backup results in flooding, sewer damage mitigation will also be necessary.

Blocking a tub drain can stop a bathtub backup. You should also try to limit the spread of contaminated water caused by a sewer backup. Disinfect and dry any surfaces, materials or contents exposed to sewage. You may want to seek assistance from a mitigation and restoration company in Erlanger, KY.

What Is the Extent of Renters Insurance Coverage?

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke damage on walls of an apartment Fire damage in an apartment in Crescent Springs, KY.

What Is the Coverage Amount of Renters Insurance?

Property owners often recommend renters insurance to tenants. These policies can be useful for covering the cost of damaged or ruined contents at a rental property in Crescent Springs, KY. It is important to check the details of any renters policy to determine the full extent of coverage in each of the following areas.

Damaged Contents

Most renters policies cover the cost of restoring damaged contents. This coverage can pay off when items can be treated by content cleaning professionals during fire restoration. Any of the following methods may be used:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Immersion
  • Wet cleaning

Renters policies will cover costs associated with content restoration up to a set limit. Additional costs associated with cleaning or temporarily storing cleaned items may require that a renter pay out of pocket.

Replacement Costs
Some renter's insurance policies cover replacement costs. It is important to check to make sure this is the case, as some policies only cover the market value. Regardless of the purchase cost of any item, its value depreciates over time. Replacement cost coverage will pay the total cost for replacing a ruined item, but market value coverage may come up short.

Temporary Relocation
The best renters policies allocate a specified amount of coverage for temporary relocation. If fire damage restoration at a property will require evacuation, this coverage can offset some of the cost of securing lodging off-site for days or weeks until cleanup is complete. Be sure to check the policy limit and any requirements for this benefit.
If a renters insurance policy only covers the market value and not the replacement cost of contents or does not extend to relocation costs, it may be worthwhile to switch to a policy that provides more complete coverage. All of these areas of coverage can be helpful in the event that a fire damages an apartment or rental home located in Crescent Springs, KY.

Protecting Your Commercial Building From Water Damage

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

technician bagging debris after water damage Water damage in Erlanger, KY.

Ways To Prevent Water Damage

When leaks and pipe breaks occur, commercial property owners in Erlanger, KY, face several serious concerns. Water saturation in walls and flooring leads to mold and mildew. Water in home appliances ruins the devices, leading to expensive repairs and replacements. The rooms develop an unpleasant, stale odor. These hazards shut down the impacted area. It could even be half operations. To safeguard the facility and maintain workflow, proprietors should make every effort to prevent water damage. The following are three effective methods to use.

1. Install Sensors

Early detection of pipe cleanup permits owners to catch water exposure before it becomes a massive flood. Have specialists install them near any significant water source such as washing machines or water heaters. If the area becomes damp, an alarm goes off.

2. Keep an Eye on Machines

Your office space probably contains a staff room stocked with a refrigerator, sink and dishwasher. While convenient for employees, this location should be a watch zone for owners. Monthly, look around to ensure the buildup of water in home appliances isn't happening. Look behind the machinery. Open up the cabinet doors. It's easy for a hose to become loose or develop a hole, leading to lingering puddles that ruin the foundation, cabinets and drywall.

3. Analyze Your Water Bill

Complications may develop in places that are not visible, such as within walls or the irrigation line. To locate this before a broken pipe occurs, owners should scrutinize their monthly water bill. When discrepancies appear, contact a water remediation company such as SERVPRO. The professionals can perform leak detection tests, identify the primary source, fix it and tackle any secondary damage.
When commercial owners see water in home appliances, immediate attention should be given to cleaning up the mess. Work with one company to handle the job, securing the area and sanitizing it quickly and efficiently. Swift action allows for the doors to reopen and projects to resume.

Keep Your Building Secure After a Fire

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Technician wearing protective gear, while installing new insulation on wall after water and fire damage It’s a smart decision to call in a professional fire cleanup team located in Petersburg, KY.

If a fire strikes your place of business in Petersburg, KY, you will have a lot to manage all at once. Your biggest concern will likely be about how much fire damage your building and its contents have sustained. You may wonder how quickly your business can be up and running again, how much will your insurance cover, and how to repair any damaged property and electronics. Since bad things have a way of escalating, it’s important to make sure after a fire that your premises are safe and secure from vandals and other troublemakers.

Security Tips After a Fire

As hard as it is to believe, a fire can often leave a company susceptible to looting. This certainly happened in the recent California wildfires, where looters came into the area to steal items from the damaged houses. Fortunately, there are a few things to do to limit your chances of being robbed after a fire. The following steps could prove helpful:

  • Secure the property as soon as possible by boarding up openings
  • Keep a security presence if possible
  • Contact local authorities to perform regular checkups on the building
  • Put up signs to keep out criminals
  • Install an alarm system

Fire damage is bad enough. The prospect of being robbed afterward is something that can be prevented with a little forethought.

Fire Cleanup Tips

Cleaning up after a fire can be a complicated process, as there may be soot, water, smoke and electrical damage to contend with. It’s a smart decision to call in a professional fire cleanup team located in Petersburg, KY. Having the right equipment on hand, as well as the necessary knowledge in place, can speed up the process. It’s also a great way to make sure all the damage has been cleaned up.

Fire damage to your business need not be worsened by vandals. Secure your building after a fire to protect your assets.

Educating Employees on Workplace Burns

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

First Aid Training - Burn injury. First aid course. A minor burn can generally be taken care of at the workplace with a first aid kit

Educating Employees on Workplace Burns

The risk of fire damage to the business you have worked so tirelessly to build is troubling, but the threat of injury to employees is unacceptable. That’s why it’s imperative that they get basic first aid training. Workplace burns can range from very minor to critical. Providing emergency care training (e.g., dressing a burn) for all employees will empower them with the knowledge and self-assurance they will need in an emergency.

Well-Stocked First Aid Kit
A well-supplied first aid kit is the first step to preparing for any accident that might occur in the workplace. It’s a good idea to place the kit in a conspicuous, easily accessible location that all employees are aware of. You will want to make sure to include burn first aid supplies in this kit and educate your employees on methods of treating burns with the following supplies:

Burn gels or lotions such as aloe vera for cooling pain relief and to prevent drying
Gauze or sterile cotton cloth to cover injury and protect from outside irritants or bacteria
Gauze tape to hold the gauze pads or cloth loosely onto the wound
Cool, moist compress for pain relief before wrapping
Pain-relieving medication such as acetaminophen, naproxen or ibuprofen

This is not one of those things that a business owner should defer until later. The fire damage that you address proactively today may mean less worry tomorrow. You might want to invite an Emergency Medical Technician to teach you and your employees more advanced burn first aid. A minor burn can generally be taken care of at the workplace with a first aid kit that is sufficiently supplied. A major burn will require emergency services, but the sterile gauze or cloth from your kit can protect the burn until help arrives. Be sure to restock your kit after the accident.
In the event of a fire at your business in Oakbrook, KY, it is nice to know that there is a fire restoration company that can ease your mind and resolve the fire damage so that you can concentrate more on the well-being of your injured employee.