Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Temporary structure repair due to fire

Board up and Structure Support Northern Kentucky

A Victorian home caught on fire. Our team was called out to board up the windows and provide temporary structure support. SERVPRO can help with all of your emergency needs.

Room damaged by fire

Fire Damage in Northern Kentucky

A fire in a home or business property can be devastating. The SERVPRO of Boone County technicians understand that the days following a fire are stressful. They know to treat the affected structure and belongings with care during the cleanup and restoration process.

Wood cabinets in a kitchen covered with black soot.

Fire Damage in Union, Kentucky

The SERVPRO of Boone County fire technicians are experts in the methods used to clean, sanitize and disinfect the structure and contents of a home affected by fire. After fire damage in a Union, Kentucky home, they thoroughly cleaned the entire home to eliminate the soot and odor left behind.

Fire Damage in Union, Kentucky

After a fire in this home in Union, Kentucky, SERVPRO of Boone County was called for restoration services. The damage was not limited to the immediate area of the fire. Soot from the fire traveled through the home leaving a trail of damage. Our fire technicians used advanced cleaning products and techniques and thoroughly cleaned the home.

Fire and Water Damage in Florence, Kentucky

Many times when a fire occurs in a home, not only does the smoke and soot damage the home, but water damage also results from the efforts of the firefighters. The SERVPRO of Boone County technicians are experts in both fire and water damage restoration. They use advanced techniques  to efficiently restore the property to preloss condition.

Fire Damage in Florence, Kentucky

When a fire emergency occurs at a property, the SERVPRO of Boone County fire technicians understand that a quick response is crucial to lessen damage and restoration costs. After a fire in Florence, Kentucky, we were onsite quickly to assess the damage and begin the cleanup process.

Soot and Smoke Damage After a Fire

When a fire occurs, the damage isn't limited to just the immediate area of the fire. Soot and smoke travel throughout the property leaving damage behind. This photo shows soot trapped in a cobweb in the corner of a room after a home fire.

SERVPRO of Boone County Specializes in Fire and Water Restoration

The SERVPRO of Boone County technicians are fire and water restoration specialists. We have the training, experience and specialized equipment necessary to restore a home or business after a fire damage event. We are committed to providing superior service while restoring the property back to pre-fire condition.

Community Day Event to Bring Fire Safety Awareness

The SERVPRO of Boone County staff had a great time participating in a Community Day to help bring fire safety awareness to residents in the area. It was a day full of fun with fire trucks, helicopters, fire demonstrations, crafts, food and more!

Restoring Contents after Fire Damage

When a fire occurs in a home, not only the structure of the home is affected, but the contents of the home are damaged as well. The fire technicians at SERVPRO of Boone County are trained in the special techniques it takes to restore items after a fire. This is one item that was brought to our warehouse for restoration after a home fire.

Fire Damage in Walton, Kentucky

A fire can be devastating to a homeowner. This home in Walton, Kentucky was damaged extensively when a fire started in the garage. SERVPRO of Boone County fire crews packed and moved the contents of this home to the warehouse for cleaning and restoration.

Home Fire in Walton, Kentucky

Fire damage can be devastating for homeowners. As can be seen in this photo of a home in Walton, Kentucky, once the fire department leaves, there is often additional damage left behind due to the firefighting efforts. We have the specialized fire and water damage restoration training and personnel to handle damage like this and can quickly restore the home to pre-fire condition.

Packing Contents After Fire Damages Condominium

A fire in the condominium above this unit caused smoke, fire and water damage throughout this unit as well. SERVPRO of Boone County was called to pack and remove the contents for this property owner so that repairs could then be completed.

Fire in Burlington, Kentucky Home

This home in Burlington, Kentucky suffered fire damage when an outlet caught fire in one of the bedrooms. As a result there was smoke and fire extinguisher dust on the items throughout the home. In this instance, SERVPRO of Boone County provided services to clean all the contents of the home.

Crews Work to Clean & Restore Contents

The SERVPRO of Boone County cleaning crews work diligently to clean and restore contents damaged in a home fire. Our crews specialize in restoring contents damaged by water, fire, or mold. Our "restore" versus "replace" mentality helps save money while preserving precious, irreplaceable belongings.