Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Board up: Cincinnati Ohio

This individual had a kitchen fire. The window had been broken as a result of the fire. Our crews boarded up the window as a safety precaution. 

Fire Clean: Contents - Cincinnati, Ohio

Here is an example of how smoke damage can ruin contents. SERVPRO is well equipped to handle anything nature throws at us.

Restoration Service in Florence, Kentucky

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Water Damage in Florence, Kentucky

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Damage Restoration in Burlington, Kentucky

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Fire Damage Restoration in Edgewood, Kentucky

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Fire Damage in Florence, Kentucky

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Properties with Fire Damage Often Have Water Damage Too

One may think that after a fire event, the smoke and soot is the main root of the damage. But very often, major water damage also occurs as a result of the fire... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Erlanger, Kentucky

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Fire Damage in Hebron, Kentucky

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Fire Damage in Newport, Kentucky

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Fire Damage in Verona, Kentucky

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Fire Damage To Home Requires Emergency Board Up Service

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Fire Damage in Florence, Kentucky Requires Emergency Service

A commercial building located in Florence, Kentucky was damaged when a fire broke out and seven storage units were affected. SERVPRO of Boone County was called ... READ MORE